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Dear Independent Contractor and Potential Employee:

As we continue to expand and grow, we are looking for the best and most talented professionals in the home furnishing industry. Most often our exclusive personnel are former owners of home furnishing stores, financial accountants from within the home furnishing industry, and experienced sales associates who want an opportunity to earn the industry’s highest income. We select sales associates who are the strongest and most talented individuals, who are seeking a professional and productive sales environment. Our operational management enjoys the advantage of being part of a team of "the best and the brightest."

Only those candidates who can demonstrate a superior understanding of providing outstanding customer service, with an extensive knowledge of the home furnishing industry, and a work ethic dedicated to serving the needs of our clients need apply.

Only those candidates who want the best income in the industry in exchange for providing the best services will be considered. If you have a minimum of four years experience in managing, selling, working in operations, or providing financial controls, and you are interested in making a commitment to Deere Park Association and our clients, we may have a career opportunity for you. If you are starting out in the industry, we wish you the best and suggest that you learn the industry from our competition before applying for a position on our team.

What should you expect when working with our organization? Expect the most professional work environment in the industry. Anticipate regular and ongoing opportunities for advancement. Achieve the highest compensation of any retail or special sale environment. Your association with Deere Park Association will produce all of these goals and the camaraderie of a "team environment" dedicated to being the best in the industry. We encourage you to read our philosophy and dealer recommendations to see if you fit the Deere Park Association profile.

As a final note, we need you more than you need us. Good people are hard to find. Our clients expect us to provide them with the most outstanding individuals in the industry, and should you be qualified, we hope this will be your “work family” for life. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will look forward to growing with you.

For your final and best career move, contact:

Richard Glabman,
Deere Park Association
450 Skokie Blvd
Suite 705
Northbrook Il 60062
TELEPHONE: 847-509-1000
FAX: 847-509-7766

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