Frequently Asked Questions   

Question: If I am on a credit hold, how do I complete customer orders that I am not able to obtain directly from my own suppliers?

Answer: Deere Park Association has excellent credit relationships with all home furnishing factors and suppliers. Deere Park Association maintains the highest “1” credit rating with both Dun & Bradstreet and Lyons, and maintains the industry’s highest “80” “Paydex” score for vendor payments. We recognize the importance of completing your sold orders even if the remaining amount to be collected from customers is less than the cost of goods. Deere Park Association will work closely with your suppliers to facilitate, when possible, your open sold orders, often guaranteeing our own payment for your existing sold orders. We can also work with your lending and credit sources to enhance your cash flow and allow you to access additional capital.

Question: If we ask you to bring in additional inventory, how will I know the cost, quality, and what happens if that inventory does not sell?

Answer: When appropriate, clients have the option of using Deere Park Association’s buying power and sourcing expertise to enhance their own inventory. Deere Park purchases from over 200 home furnishing vendors. For a complete and current list of such vendors, please refer to our Resources page. Actual price is shown on factory invoice and passed along to clients without mark up. At the end of a project, if any merchandise supplied by Deere Park Association remains unsold, we will take back all unsold products for the full invoiced cost of such merchandise. However, should you believe that any merchandise is not appropriate for your operation for any reason, we will gladly return such items. To date we have never had to return any merchandise due to client dissatisfaction.

Question: What records and information of the project will I see?

Answer: Our clients and their advisors have total access to any and all documents and information related to a specific project. This information includes all sales invoices which are uniquely authenticated at the time of retail customer payments in a numeric and sequential daily log, all original vendor invoices and freight bills, all checks and check registers, all daily sales deposit logs and credit card reports, all payroll records and commission recaps, the project general ledger and chart of accounts, inventory tracking reports by SKU and cost, and clear and focused action reports and summary reports, indicating daily, weekly, monthly, and period-to-date cumulative results. When appropriate or requested by our clients, we will provide for each project, computers and unique proprietary software to summarize and report project results each day. Our information is backed up daily to our home office servers. Without additional cost, our home office will double check field reports and operations. All project information will be provided to client’s advisors and third party administrators upon request. We have been regularly praised by bankruptcy trustees, lenders, independent auditors, and clients for the detailed, timely and accurate records produced for our projects.

Question: What input and control do I have in your projects?

Answer: We believe our clients should always maintain control, regardless of the project. Even when we provide advance cash payments on a project, clients have control of the operation. Clients always have full access to all documents to review and approve all expenses, when possible in advance. We provide daily and weekly meetings with both our field supervisors and our home office senior management. When necessary, we will have a regional senior manager either from the territory or from our home office visit the project to provide additional support. While we offer our clients the benefit of our management and operational support, we want the client to be in control.

Question: Will you use my employees during the event?

Answer: The choice to use your present employees will be yours. We will encourage all employees to remain with the event. Because we will be generating significantly increased sales, extra personnel is normally needed. However if you are contemplating a store closing, many employees will seek to establish new relations as the event progresses. This is normal and anticipated. Because Deere Park Association has over 750 full time individuals and access to thousands of independent contractors, we will be able to fill in for any changes in personnel as they occur.

Question: Will you handle customer service issues during and after the sale?

Answer: The answer is categorically yes. We are committed to continuing the highest standards of customer service even if you have closed your store. Our reputation is built upon integrity and service. Our home office personnel are available to your customers including the use of a toll free number for customer issues relating to service on products purchased during our events.

Question: How do I deal with my landlord, bank or other parties who may have a security interest in our company?

Answer: Deere Park Association understands the legal and financial restrictions of third parties having interests in your business. With your approval, we will use our resources to help find solutions for problems related to your plans, including when necessary, paying off existing debt or guaranteeing occupancy rental costs.

Question: If there is any of my inventory remaining at the end of the Sale, what happens to that merchandise?

Answer: One of the most important reasons to engage Deere Park Association is our proven plans to leave you with a “broom clean” building after conducting a profitable event. You may choose to have us “guarantee” you will receive a payment for your starting inventory, or have us guarantee to purchase your starting or remaining inventory. Our goal is to offer you multiple options and strategies for you to choose the risk and reward that is best for you.

Question: What makes Deere Park Association better than any other consultant offering services to the home furnishings industry?

Answer: In addition to our exclusive personnel, our unique methods of operations, our proven advertising, our unequaled inventory support, our outstanding financial resources, and our history of successful performance, we offer our clients the opportunity to develop a strategy that best suits their needs. We are a company dedicated soley to the furniture industry and we only use personnel with extensive home furnishing experience. To find out all that makes Deere Park Association the ‘best in the industry’, contact:

Richard Glabman
Deere Park Association
450 Skokie Blvd. Suite 705
Northbrook, IL 60062
Telephone: (800) 492-5493 or (847) 509-1000
Fax: (847) 509-7766