I first gained insight into the furniture industry from my grandfather who often worked more than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week as a home furnishing retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer. He always taught, ‘lead by example, and listen to the advice of people you trust, surround yourself with capable advisors, and keep your word.’ My personal experience ranges from driving a 50-foot delivery truck to creating financial plans for dealers operating in bankruptcy. In the home furnishing industry, I have owned and successfully managed profitable businesses in manufacturing, distributing, retailing, transportation, financing, advertising, and consulting. Joining with hundreds of other professionals at Deere Park Association, we are proud to offer our clients a broad range of financial, operational, and promotional services based upon our own personal successful experiences.

With family roots in the home furnishing business dating back to 1900, Deere Park Association has firmly established itself as the nation’s premier consultant to the furniture industry. Providing inventory management, business financing and strategic planning to furniture retailers, suppliers, lenders, and the professionals who serve them, executives of Deere Park Association understand what it takes to be successful in this changing and competitive marketplace.

Richard Glabman, President and founder of Deere Park Association, grew up in the home furnishing industry where three generations of the Glabman family owned and operated furniture retail stores, wholesale distribution companies, manufacturing companies, financing sources, advertising agencies, and consulting businesses. Following in his family’s footsteps, Richard has spent over 35 years as a furniture manufacturer, distributor, retailer, financier, and business consultant. This breadth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the furniture industry allows him to bring a depth of understanding to every project Deere Park Association undertakes. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, Richard, together with his team of financial, sales and operational experts, is able to provide clients of Deere Park Association with an invaluable financial perspective and practical business experience in developing their business strategies.

When Richard Glabman founded Deere Park Association, he was determined to offer a higher level of personal service than available from any other source – service that directly addresses the individual needs of all clients, no matter how small or large. That goal continues today, as Deere Park Association is committed to offering its clients the best and broadest range of services in the home furnishing industry. Richard is quoted as saying,

We offer all clients an opportunity to choose the risk and reward that is appropriate to develop their strategies. From a cash guaranteed payout on existing inventory of tens of millions of dollars, to a partnership for the supervision of a single 4,000 foot store in a rural farmland, no project is too large or too small. Deere Park Association’ reputation for completing successful projects, maintaining the highest client satisfaction, and achieving the best results, is the cornerstone of our future business.