Welcome to Deere Park Association.  

Deere Park Association is recognized by independent research as one of the largest and most experienced consultants working exclusively in the home furnishing industry.* As a privately owned company with a history of operations in the furniture business dating back to 1900, Deere Park Association understands the unique requirements of the furniture business.

Deere Park Association has the resources, expertise, and experienced personnel to guarantee successful results for every project it accepts. Deere Park Association offers clients an opportunity to conduct projects in a performance-based environment within three general options: A) Cash-in-advance for inventory values; B) Payment of guaranteed amounts based upon projected results; or C) Fee compensation for defined project results, with or without participation in project profits or cash flow. The choice of business plans is at the option of the client.

With a team organization of over 750 professionals, Deere Park Association offers clients unequaled support in financing their businesses, supervising internal operations, developing and executing marketing plans, organizing and streamlining operations, and realizing specific goals on individual projects. Deere Park Association will develop a variety of strategies including growing a business, financing operations, completing outstanding sold orders, conducting specialty promotions, consolidating or restructuring store operations, or achieving maximum values from inventory liquidation.

Deere Park Association’ client roster ranges from the most prestigious national retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions and professional advisors, to the smallest independent family-owned business. At Deere Park Association, no project is too big or too small. Our commitment on every project is to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards while operating in a results oriented environment.

* “In an industry survey conducted by Bellwether Design, Deere Park Association was recognized as the ‘industry’s largest home furnishing consultant’ with the ‘highest dealer satisfaction’ of alternative organizations. This industry survey focused upon dealer and manufacturer overall satisfaction, ‘dependability of performance’ and ‘results’ of each project.”