In selecting a consultant, a client should not rely upon the “promise” of performance. Only the proven historical results the consultant has achieved in satisfying the goals of past clients similar to the client should be used in evaluating potential performance. Operating a multi-state multi-store bankruptcy sale environment is significantly different than a family owned boutique store project. Deere Park Association offers its clients an experienced proven team of professionals, dedicated to the home furnishing industry, with the industry’s best-proven record of achieving clients’ goals. Even with an advanced financial guarantee to the client, the business owner entrusts the consultant with their reputation in the community. The recommendations and experiences of past clients cannot be ignored.

Deere Park Association has served a wide variety of clients ranging from independent regional home furnishing retailers, manufacturers, and financial sources, to national organizations with locations in multiple states, bankruptcy courts, and financial consultants. Some of Deere Park Association’ recent projects include the following retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. This list is not all-inclusive, but represents a cross-section of past Deere Park Association clients.

Adams & Walda
Accents Fine Furniture
Al Perri
American Furniture-Colorado
American Goods
America’s Mattress
Armin Koch Furniture
Ashley Furniture
Ashley Home Store
Ashley Interiors
Aasland's Fine Furniture
Avenrich Furniture
Avery's Furniture
Avalon Furniture
Baker Furniture
Barr’s Furniture
Bassett Furniture Galleries
Bedroom USA
Beeline Furniture
Bedding Liquidators
Bernhardt Home Furnishings
Bishops Furniture
Blue Ribbon
Bob's Furniture
Bogdan's Furniture
Bolotin Furniture
Brewster & Stroud
Broad Street Furnishings
Builder's Design
Bucci Furniture
Bullock Fine Furniture
Busk Brothers
Butter Furniture
Carl’s Furniture Warehouse
Carolina Sofa Outlet
Carroll Furniture
Charles Furniture
Choice Seating
Classic Furniture
Classic Home Brands
Corinthian Antiques
County Furniture
Dallas Furniture
Darren's Design
Decorated Interiors
Decorators Warehouse
Décor-Drexel Heritage
Design Dinette
Design Foundry
Design Studio
Designer Furniture Source
Designer Wholesale
Dinettes Unlimited
Discount Furniture Warehouse
Don Janais
Draper's Furniture
Dream Sleep
Drexel Bronsteins
Drexel By Dover
Drexel Heritage Galleries
Drexel Pleasanton
Elan Contemporary Furnishings
Ello Furniture
England Furniture Gallery
Enlgander's Furniture
Erdos Furniture
Ethan Allen
Factory Direct
Factory Direct 4-U
Fine Furniture Leather
Flack's Interiors
Four Seasons Furniture
FlexSteel Galleries
Furniture 4 Less
Furniture Center
Furniture Depot
Furniture Direct
Furniture Express
Furniture Factory
Furniture Fair
Furniture First
Furniture Loft
Furniture Outlet
Furniture Plus
Furniture Sellers
Furniture Shoppe
Furniture Showplace
Furniture Source
Furniture Store
Furniture Trading
Furniture World
Gaines McHale Antiques
Gallery Furniture
Gerdt Furniture
Gerondale's Home Furnishings
Good's Furniture
Grace's Furniture
Granite Furniture

GS Silver
Harmony Furniture
Heritage House
Heritage Furniture Gallery
Hilda Flack
Hilda Flack Interiors
Hillside Bedding
Hoffman Furniture
Home Furnishings Gallery
Home Furniture
Home Furniture Mart
HomeSmart Furniture
Homquist Furniture
House of Denmark
House of Sofas
Ideal Furniture
If It's Furniture
Interiors of Austin-Drexel
Irwin's Furniture
Jon's Home Furnishings
Just Sofas and Mattresses
Kincaid Home Furnishings
Krispins Furniture
Lammert Furniture
Lane Showcase
La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
Leather Company
Leather Direct
Leather Gallery
Leather World
Legatto Furniture
Life-Style Furniture
Lueptow's Furniture
McCreery's Home Furnishings
Magnussen Furniture
Main Street Furniture
Marshall Interiors
Mattress ETC
Mattress & More
Mavis Furniture
Menlow Rug Gallery
Meredith O' Donnell
Mittelman Furniture
Model Home
Moderno - Denver
Morris Furniture
New House of Denmark
Nicholls Furniture
North Carolina Furniture Sales
North Carolina Leather
Norwalk Galleries
Olde Town
Paradise Furniture
Pennsylvania House Galleries
Pizzaz Furniture
Redstone Furniture
Reliley's Fine Furniture
Roberds, Inc
Rooms Express
Rooms for You
Rossi Furniture
Rowe Show Place
Riley's Fine Furniture
Saxon-Clark Furniture
Selins Furniture
Scott Randall
Sleep Shops
Smith Furniture
Sofa & Chair
Sofa Solutions
Southern Furniture
Spitzer's Furniture
St. James Furniture
Stage Door
Suburban House-Drexel
Superior Furniture
Taylor Edwards
Thomasville Home by Baker's
Thornton House
Tilles Furniture
Timeless Interiors
Today's Home Furnishings
Value Furniture
Village Furniture
Vogue Interiors
Waldrop Furniture
Walsman Furniture
Warner Interiors
Wayside Interiors, Inc.
Wholesale Furniture
Wicker South
Williams Home Furnishings
Woodcraft Furniture
Woody's Kitchen & Bath
World of Sleep
Worldwide Furniture

The following is a sampling of what some of our clients have said about the results of Deere Park Association projects. Hundreds of additional letters of references are available upon request:


To our friends at Deere Park:

We just wanted to thank all of you for the great job on our closing sale. When it was time for us to retire we were somewhat concerned about the level of integrity we would be getting from a consulting firm. Deere Park made things so easy on us and let us realize how little we knew about that type of business. This is not a project we could have ever done successfully on our own. Richard was great at explaining the process, what to expect and what they would expect to accomplish. He was also available by phone at any time for questions and concerns. The sale was geared to totally different customers, advertising and merchandise than our normal design business for end clientele.

They took control from the minute the team arrived and handled everything very efficiently and professionally. Our managers, Jim Aasland and Anita Fox were amazing – hard working, take control types who were also fun to be around. Everything was taken care of – stocking the floor, arranging the warehouse, coordinating deliveries, managing and training the staff, stocking the rugs, handling customer issues, cashiering, ordering more stock, coordinating advertising, and taking phone calls! They worked every day of the sale without breaks or days off. The sales staff they brought in was professional and mixed in well with our designers. The home office was great at providing the detailed information we needed and working with us on expenses and bookkeeping issues, figuring out what merchandise to order and keeping it flowing throughout the sale. With both of us being CPAs we kept them on their feet with requests for detailed information.

We were proud to be able to keep our stellar reputation intact by providing the customer with quality merchandise at fabulous prices. This was very important to us after over 70 years in business providing Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with middle to high-end merchandise and design assistance by degreed or licensed designers.

We are very pleased with the results of our sale, bringing in more than a year's sales in just 3 months. The vast majority of our starting inventory was easily sold even though some of it was discontinued. We were able leave the building broom clean for the landlord and with a smile on our faces for serving the community with integrity until the very end. We want to thank you so much for handling our Going Out of Business Sale with much professionalism and making it a pleasure for us.


It gives us pleasure to write this letter recommending Deere Park Association.

When we decided to retire, we didn't know where to turn or how to begin. My wife Becky and I have owned and operated retail furniture stores for 43 years. We opened Krispin's in 1978. We have successfully operated in our present location for 35 years. But like I said, we knew how to run a successful furniture store; but we didn't know how to close one.

We had some friends in Omaha that closed their store in 2010. When we sought their advice they told us about Deere Park. After several months of prayer, and many conversations with Deere Park – we decided to have Deere Park facilitate our "Going Out of Business Sale."

You can imagine – after 35 years of operating our family business – the decision to close be very emotional. But we put our trust in Deere Park and they didn't disappoint us.

Admittedly, Deere Park had to earn our respect. But earn it they did. Their systems and procedures are right on. Closing our business was a terrifying thought. Admittedly, there were many things that Deere Park suggested that we didn't understand or even like – but – we trusted Deere Park and it proved to be the right decision. They have done this many times before and they truly know how. Their experience lead us through a successful closure.

March 27, 2013 Deere Park arrived. They immediately began to work. And work they did. The people they sent to be our "Team" were wonderful. Lorraine (the event bookkeeper) has been meticulous with the accounting and record keeping. She watches every detail of every transaction. The (warehouse furniture handlers) Leo and Juan have experience and a hard work ethic that exceed their youthful age. I have been in hte furniture business for 43 years and have never seen two men work as well and as hard as Leo and Juan. And Jim Aasland our Sales Event Manager has exceeded all our expectations. Before making the decision to close Krispin's Becky and I talked to a lot of people. Goint into this "Sales event" we were afraid and expected the worst. Jim Aasland turned all our bad expectations and thoughts into good feelings. Thank you Jim for being such a man of integrity and professionalism. And thank you Deere Park for a successful closing of Krispin's.


Dear Mr. Richard Glabman,

On behalf of the entire Rossi Family, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to you and the entire Deere Park team. Our expectations from the generation of sales and profits to the level of professionalism of the staff have been well exceeded. I must admit, the initial thought of hiring a firm to come in and perform a liquidation event at our store was unsettling. My idea of how a typical sale like this would run was not something that I wanted to be a part of. In retrospect, I couldn't have been more wrong. Not only was I impressed by the professionalism and preciseness of the sale, but I learned a lot from how your operation performed and it was a pleasure being a part of this project.

During our initial meetings, you provided us with a Pro Forma for the sales, expenses, and profits. This Pro Forma was nearly spot on to the actual ending numbers. What we respect the most is that you are a man of your word. Everything you said you were going to do, you did, and you always had our best interest. You were available for discussion 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is refreshing to go into a contract with someone that had that type of dedication and respect. We have a tremendous amount of pride in our company and the name that has been around for over 50 years. We believe that you shared that same pride and devised a team that carried out this sale with the upmost respect for the Rossi organization.

We cannot say enough good things about Bob Holmquist as the Regional Manager, and Bryan Bender and Jim Aasland as the Store Managers. Both Bryan and Jim worked tirelessly at managing the day to day operations of this well managed sale. They are both true managers of people with an outstanding capability for retail operations. The level of customer service was astounding, and I'm confident that all customers were treated fairly and were satisfied. I would also like to mention the excellent work performed by Judy Griggs, our account manager, Kendra Neville our office and front desk supervisor, and Armondo Hernandez, our warehouse manager, along with the entire sales staff. I truly believe that an organization is only as good its individuals, and these are the individuals that realIy made this sale a success.

In summary, we would be pleased to provide the strongest personal recommendation for any prospective client of Deere Park. Outstanding results were achieved by the Deere Park Team and I sincerely believe that any furniture store that has the opportunity to work with Deere Park will be getting a first class experience. Thank you again for all your support and it was truly a pleasure doing business with you.


Dear Mr. Richard Glabman,

It will be very difficult to express how grateful I am in words, but I will do my best.

First of all you have saved my family’s future! I say this because you have exceeded the best case scenarios based on the multiple performance projections you provided the first day we met. Richard, you have been available night and day whether it be answering questions and or giving sound advice. This is very important because as you know; House of Sofas has worked with other companies (liquidation, retirement sales) over the past 20 years, and they were all unsuccessful between broken promises and terrible results (Wahlquist, D.M. Reid & others).

You have given a new life to my family and our survival. Your FANTASTIC advertising, your buying power, and your ability to pass the savings to House of Sofas directly is unheard of, and it makes me wonder if I had professionals such as Gary Self and his team that treat my store as if it was their own working for me, I would not be in this position of going out of business!

With your direction we went from 8-10 customers a weekday to 80 plus a weekday. We went from 15-20 customers on Saturday and Sunday to 150-200 on Saturday and Sunday. Even in the final two weeks people are still coming to shop at our store and we are almost out of furniture (which is a good thing).

My main concern based upon past companies was keeping the integrity of House of Sofas and our family name. It is remarkable we have “NO” problems that were not resolved or any unhappy customer (UNHEARD OF). Because of your buying power and “NO FALSE MARK UPS” like everybody else does, it was very easy to sell the quality products that customers recognized and see that we have the very best price up front (UNHEARD OF). Gary Self has been a professional and became a friend. The sales team that you put together (Peter, Patty, Elaine, Richard, Lisa, and of course Pat) were fantastic (VERY RARE IN THIS BUSINESS).

As I wrote in the beginning of this letter, it is very difficult to express the warm satisfied feelings that I have in my heart and soul. Any furniture stores that would like to contact me for a personal reference can contact me day or night on my personal cell phone that I would never give to anybody outside of my family and friends; my cell phone number is (734) 846-3081. I recommend if any furniture store is looking for a company for whatever sales needs that they have to call me for a personal reference.

Thank you and your remarkable staff. I will NEVER forget what you have done for House of Sofas and the Murphy family.


Thank you for the outstanding support provided by Deere Park Association in our recent store consolidation project.  Because of the involvement and financial support of your most capable organization, House of Denmark was able to fill millions of dollars of outstanding sold orders, sell the unsold products remaining from our involvement with another consultant, and address our obligations in an orderly manner.

Throughout this extended multi million dollar project, you and your staff conducted sales activities with the highest degree of professionalism.  When problems arose, you and your organization solved these problems with an efficiency that reflected your experience in the industry.  Your record keeping was precise and timely, and your personal involvement and team organization was a welcome change from my previous experience with other consultants.

I hope any prospective client will feel free to contact me to receive my personal recommendation for your services.  You have satisfied and exceeded all of my expectations.


To Whom It May Concern:

It was a most difficult gut-wrenching but correct decision that my partners and I made to close all three of our full-line furniture stores. At that point, we had a significant amount of unsold inventory and knew we needed help to run a very successful final sale. After extensive research involving discussions with numerous industry leaders, we decided to meet with Mr. Richard Glabman, the president of Deere Park and Associates, Inc.

Mr. Glabman spent a considerable amount of time in each of our stores and came back to us with an ambitious proposal with respect to Sales, Gross Margins and Sale profitability. He was obviously very professional and knowledgeable but my partners and I were a bit skeptical about the ability for us to reach these goals in such tough economic climate. Nonetheless, we were impressed with Mr. Glabman and what others had told us about his company so we decided to contract them to run the sale.

I am pleased to report that Mr. Glabman and his fine management team were able to successfully hit those aggressive Sales, Margins and Sales, Profitability goals. More importantly, the management team assigned to an our engagement was able to achieve another of our critical goals. That was to treat our customers fairly and respectfully and maintain the integrity of the Good's Furniture name.

In addition, the staff from their corporate office was extremely professional and a sincere pleasure to work with.

Thanks Deere Park Association for doing a great job for us during a very difficult time


Dear Richard:

On behalf of the entire Koch family, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the recent services of Deere Park Association in our store closing event. It was a very difficult decision to close our 55 year old family business, but it was time and we felt Deere Park Association would give us the best chance at doing so successfully.

Throughout the three month event, your staff was very quick to respond to any and all questions we had. Your assistance in fulfilling sold orders and supporting relationships with our creditors was much appreciated. I felt at the beginning of our sale it would be impossible to sell every last stock item, but to great surprise everything was gone. My family was very satisfied with overall net profit and amount paid for our cost of goods.

As for Rusty Self and Tina Townsend our assigned Sale Managers, I am truly grateful for your incredible hard work. Rusty and Tina worked tirelessly to make our sale a success and while doing so treated our customers and staff with dignity and respect. In addition, I would like to thank Leo and all of the warehouse staff; I don't believe I have ever met a warehouse staff that works as hard as they do. Finally, a special thank you to the entire home office staff especially Melissa who fielded more questions than anyone.

My family was very pleased with the overall success of the sale and I would be pleased to speak with any prospective client about the great services Deere Park has to offer

P.S I highly recommend the rugs! Never in a million years did I think they would sell like that.

Sales: $1.6MM  9 Weeks  11,000 foot store  GM: 42% Net Profit 14.6%
Client Suppliers: Lexington, Hancock & Moore, C.R. Lane, Hekman


Dear Richard: Thank you for all of the assistance that Deere Park provided to Riley’s Fine Furniture. The Sale conducted over the last three months was an outstanding success, achieving a multi-million dollar volume with strong gross margins, despite the current difficult economic conditions.

I sincerely appreciate the ongoing support provided by your most competent Sale Manager, Karen McNickle, and the accuracy and timeliness of the administration support provided by the most competent Deere Park staff, including, Arlene Westveld, Suzanne Bram, and Melissa Nichols.

The inventory support to our own suppliers of Drexel Heritage, Century, Hekman, Barcalounger, Bernhardt and others was easily recognized by our retail customers as outstanding values. You also added handmade Oriental rugs, which sold more than ten percent (10%) of total Sale Volume, despite our never having sold this category in the past.

You completed all of your promises and conducted the Sale with dignity and a level of professionalism that was most impressive. What I also recognize as being beyond my expectations is how you were ready to assist me in all aspects of our association, including landlord negotiations, creditor discussion and developing an effective advertising. You were always available for discussions and suggestions on how to make the project more profitable. Because of the high level of expertise offered by your organization, I was able to leave the day-to-day management of the Sale in your hands and focus my attention on my other home furnishings businesses. This freedom produced possibly the greatest gain for me personally.

Because of the results of the Sale, we will be able to pursue our other business plans. It was a pleasure working with you and your organization. I would be pleased to have you include me in the list of retailers fully satisfied with your services and your organization. Thank you again for a job well done.


Dear Richard,

This letter will express our appreciation for the most professional manner in which Deere Park Association assisted us in conducting our store closing sale. After serving the Rice Lake, Wisconsin area for 46 years, it was a difficult decision to close our successful family business.

From our first personal meeting with you in Rice Lake, we were comfortable with your knowledge of the industry and the steps you indicated were needed to allow us to reach our goals. Your commitment to protect our community reputation was very important in our decision to use your services. We recognized that maintaining strong customer service and customer relations was equally important to generating an event profit.

In less than twelve weeks through the efforts of the entire Deere Park team, this Sale generated over a year's worth of our normal business. With your help, our store was closed with dignity, grace, and in a most professional manner.

We hope that you will be able to use this letter as our unconditional recommendation. Thank you again for helping us in this most successful project.


As President of Steve Silver Company, an international supplier of home furnishing products, I have the opportunity to work with the industry’s strongest retailers and consulting organizations. The strength of our program forges our decision to choose our partners carefully, including consulting companies providing services to the home furnishing industry. When my brother made his decision to close his store in New York, there was only one company that I would have trusted to handle the liquidation. Every aspect of the Sale was most professional, as retailers must trust a liquidator explicitly with their future. Please add my name to the lengthy list of knowledgeable retailers and manufacturers that recognize Deere Park Association and Richard Glabman, without exception, as the best consultant in the home furnishing industry.


If you are experiencing difficulty operating your store or stores and do not know who to turn to for help, this letter will confirm that after working daily with Deere Park Association and their principal, Richard Glabman for almost a year, every promise, every projection, and every commitment made was achieved or exceeded. The Sale conducted under their control and supervision was an OUTSTANDING SUCCESS, producing results far greater than the most optimistic projection. I provide this unconditional and unreserved recommendation for the services of Deere Park Association in hopes that another home furnishing retailer can benefit from their association.


Please accept this letter in appreciation for the outstanding performance of your entire organization in our recent Ethan Allen Store Closing Event. Throughout this fifteen-week event, your organization handled every customer with dignity and a professionalism that equaled our own company. At the end of the sale, you maintained and preserved the good will and outstanding reputation that our family has built for generations.


As you know, I have been in business in Albuquerque for forty-five years. I was concerned with my business reputation and was concerned that our employees be treated fairly as we went out of business. Choosing your firm to conduct our sale was obviously the right choice. All the members of your management team were great to work with. Everybody displayed professionalism, respect and courtesy throughout the process. The final result was what we hoped for both financially and our reputation in the community. Thank you for living up to your end of the transaction.


When I read your impressive list of references and the recommendations from other clients of Deere Park, I could not understand what would motivate so many people to write such glowing accolades. After working with you and your staff for over three months, here I am adding my name to that group!! Everything you promised was fulfilled and all of the goals of my family were achieved and exceeded!! Above all, I want to express my appreciation for treating our customers, employees, and my family with dignity and respect. Results talk. We are most pleased with Deere Park’s service, your advice, the Sale results, and strongly recommend dealers trust your judgment as we did.


I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you and your company for the outstanding sale you ran for me. My single location store in West Bend did more than one year’s business in 3 months. I would recommend your company to anyone in our industry for the professional and honest way you do business.


Our family would like to express our total satisfaction with the sale your firm completed for Waldrop Furniture Company, Abilene, Texas. The thought of hiring an outside firm to liquidate our inventory was not appealing to us at first. However, we kept hearing from former retail furniture business owners that there is one firm who, “does it right.” At the end of our Multi Million Dollar Sale, our entire inventory was sold, we received everything we agreed upon, and the sale generated a significant profit. We close our family business knowing we maintained the relationships, quality and values that our store was founded upon in 1923. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Granite Furniture conducted two years of extensive research to identify a company that we could work with to preserve and protect our outstanding reputation, develop a successful long-term business strategy, and conduct an event that produced the results we needed. Before choosing Deere Park Association, we interviewed and researched practically every consultant providing services to the furniture industry. After experiencing your services, we now understand why you and Deere Park maintain the reputation as the ‘best in the industry’.


Your activities regarding our two stores in Houston, Texas were accomplished with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise, and the results of this project exceeded my most optimistic projections. You have established an excellent working relationship with the nation’s manufacturers and credit sources and you were able to use those contacts for our benefit. I understand why Furniture Today consistently calls Deere Park Association, ‘best in the industry’.


Thank you for all of your assistance with our recent Chicago project. You and your staff are most professional and I was able to turn over my store to you with confidence you would not only achieve our goals, but also protect our image and reputation. I am writing this letter in hopes that my experience with your organization can serve as a reference to other dealers. When we first met, Shamrock Furniture maintained five retail stores in the Chicago area. We recently had taken over a La-Z-Boy retail store location, but we were not able to achieve the sales volume necessary in this store to make this location profitable. We originally met with you for consulting services on general operations. While your advice and suggestions were most positive, when we requested you run a “cash-raising event” in all our stores, you advised that such an event would have a negative image on our future business, potentially harming the reputation of our other stores, and you respectfully declined the engagement. Our later investigation into these types of events and the promoters who promise results from “relinquishment”, “Wall to Wall Inventory Clearance” events, and “Inventory Liquidation” promotions, actually harm future survival of the business and proved your advice to us was correct. You were focused upon providing accurate advice, even when it meant no income for you. When you did help us close stores, it was done properly without harming our other businesses. I would be pleased to add my name to the growing list of retailers, suppliers and industry executives that recognize the differences between the services of Deere Park and any other consulting organization.


Drexel Heritage and several of our retail dealers have used the services of Deere Park Association. We have experienced a very professional relationship with the high degree of integrity and excellent reporting of business results on a weekly basis. Your firm has represented both our dealers and Drexel in a first class manner while achieving desired results.


I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the efforts of Deere Park Association in the recent orderly liquidation of furniture inventory that was conducted for a Bank customer. I have been involved in collateral liquidations for over 20 years, and I can unequivocally say that the net return on this inventory was substantially higher than would have been obtained through any other liquidation method.


Dear Richard,
I am writing this letter/fax to express to you our thanks for running such a well planned and successfully executed sale.

Your management team, from Brian to Lana to Pat and everyone from DPA that participated in that sale, was professional, courteous, and very pleasant to work with. Your advertising was powerful and very effective. Your customer service was outstanding, and what impressed us most, is even when the sale ended, your customer service continued for months with the same care and attention.

And last but not least, thank you for achieving the very successful results and most important, for conducting the whole event in such a great manner that has preserved the fine name and reputation Flacks has established throughout the many years in the market.