Deere Park Association PHILOSOPHY

What differentiates Deere Park Association from other home furnishings consultants is not only the depth and breadth of our services focused exclusively on the home furnishing industry, our extensive financial resources, and the experience of our full time dedicated personnel, but the level of professionalism and expertise inherent in each and every function we perform. We strive to establish a corporate culture for ‘team performance’, producing excellence that is reaffirmed with every client relationship. In choosing a consultant and building a business plan, prospective clients should consider not only the economic proposal and projected results, but the quality of the personnel and the integrity of management.

The services of Deere Park Association can be summed up in one word – RESULTS. Everything we do is directed at producing not merely the results you expect, but results that exceed your expectations; results that no other consultant in the home furnishing industry can achieve. Deere Park Association’ history of hundreds of successful projects and the hundreds of letters of recommendation from satisfied clients testify to the results we provide.

From our initial contact, through every step of our business association, we focus on defining and understanding your goals, and work with you to develop and execute a business plan that will generate the highest possible RESULTS.

What makes Deere Park Association exclusively qualified to produce unequaled results? We offer our clients a proven, synchronized, strategic, “team approach” to achieving specific goals. Our plans are executed by an experienced group of over 750 professionals, working under the most expert, focused and knowledgeable leadership of dozens of managers with the most up-to-date computer and analytic tools. Rather than allowing one store or project manager to execute a strategy for advertising, buying, merchandising or phasing a project, Deere Park Association operates with a “team” of professionals dedicated to each project.

In addition to achieving specific economic goals, every project must adhere to the following standards:

  • Integrity: Preserve and protect the reputation of a client’s business and employees.
  • Management of Risk: Allow clients to choose the options best suited to their strategy, from “up-front” cash payments, to guaranteed project performance.
  • Experienced Personnel: Provide clients with the availability of experienced and dedicated professionals in sales, operations, administrative, accounting, and marketing to add to or replace their present staff.
  • Client Satisfaction: Achieve client satisfaction in all phases of our engagement.

Results…they are the measure of our service…the achievement of your objectives…the completion of your goals and the protection of your reputation. Whether your business focuses on satisfying the most discriminating designer clientele, or serving customers seeking price, value, or other criteria, Deere Park Association has a proven record of providing all our clients – from the smallest to the largest – with quantifiable, unparalleled results.